The addition of a bore and pump to your landscaped area means you have your very own independent water supply. Even a rain water tank and pump setup can supplement greatly your water usage and allow you to continue to irrigate in the driest times. Atomic uses top quality pumps like Onga, Grundfos and Davey which we select to suit your needs.
Filtration of bore water can be a tricky prospect in some parts of Townsville. With iron, calcium, sand and other minerals in ground water, it is important to select the correct filter or combination of filters to suit the water supply.

We use licensed electricians for all power supplies and provide onsite or workshop repairs to most pumps.

Sensors & Meters

In Townsville it can be brilliant sunshine one minute and torrential rain the next. The addition of a weather sensor to you new or existing irrigation system can prevent your system from starting up when its raining or if there has been recent rain. We use wireless rain sensors so there is no messy wiring or conduit up to the roof.

An ET (evapotranspiration) sensor can dramatically improve your water budget when set up correctly. The Hunter Solar Sync uses temperature, solar radiation and rainfall sensors to adjust watering times daily. This sensor, when configured can decrease irrigation water usage by upto 30% over a year. It is perfect for schools, apartment complexes or for anyone who doesn’t need the hassle of changing water times throughout the year.

Knowing how moist the ground is in your landscaped area is one of the best ways to determine how much water you need to apply to the soil. A soil moisture probe will prevent overwatering of an area when installed correctly as it will sense the moisture content of the surrounding area and if it exceeds the set figure it will stop the watering cycle until the ground dries out

Water meters are great for letting you know how much water you have used. But with a flow sensor you can not only calculate water usage but find leaks and blockages in lines and sprays. On a large irrigation system it can be difficult to locate leaks. The Hunter flow sync can identify which zone the leak or blockage is on and repair it straight away.

Repairs & Maintenance

Being local to Townsville we are committed to providing the best service at a competitive price. We have been maintaining some of Townsville most prestigious apartment complexes and retail centres for many years along with local and national real estate agencies, facilities management companies and state and private schools. Our client base is vast and ever expanding.

Our vehicles are fully stocked service vehicles so there is no need to go offsite to get materials as we have most parts onboard. We repair and maintain all aspects of irrigation systems including bores, pumps, controllers, valves, wiring, decoder two wire systems, pipework and sprays. We can locate damaged wiring or missing valves with our irrigation specific cable locators and valve finder.

Atomic conducts full audits on systems including flow calculations, programming and scheduling, as-constructed  drawings and a written report with findings and recommendations on improvements. These audits can prove invaluable where there is no current plan or a system has been added onto

Smart Irrigation Controllers

At Atomic we are always on the lookout for new products to improve our service to our customers. The new Smart irrigation controllers on the market make it a breeze for programming and fault finding.

The Hunter Hydrawise system lets you use an app on you phone or PC to operate the irrigation controller from anywhere in the world. It also connects with the nearest weather station to adjust your watering needs to the local climatic conditions. This includes adjusting run times, sensing rainfall and increasing or decreasing the watering schedule.

When combined with a flow meter we can remotely monitor your irrigation system for leaks and blockages as the controller gives real time flow data. Alerts can be sent to directly Atomic and we can adjust or disable the effected area and generate a repair order  for works to be carried out. This gives you peace of mind when going away or even whilst at work that you won’t be wasting our precious water.

Turf and Garden Irrigation

Townsville’s water restrictions can be tricky to navigate, but we can design and install a system that will work with even the harshest water restrictions. We provide a variety of options when it comes to irrigating your landscaped area. With MDPE (green line) spray systems, full drip irrigation layouts or HDPE (blue line) commercial grade systems.

For the budget conscious we can design and install a MDPE class 8 (800kpa) Rural grade irrigation system, with 1″ Rural poly, stainless steel pipe clips and quality Hunter controllers, valves and sprays. Atomic keep the cost down by using barbed fittings instead of the costly compression fittings. This system provides a high pressure robust system at a low density poly cost.

For those who want a system to be tough as nails we suggest going with our Commercial grade HDPE irrigation systems. These comprise of blue line poly class 8 (800kpa) or 12.5 (1250kpa) with quality plasson or philmac compression fittings and commercial grade Hunter controllers, valves and sprays. These systems are built to last and are best suited to apartment complexes, shopping centres and acreage properties.

Atomic works in with developers and local government to construct large scale irrigation systems, sports fields and government assets. We have the skills and knowledge to install and maintain these large systems.

Drip Irrigation

Professionally installed drip irrigation is the most efficient and environmentally sustainable way to irrigate gardens and lawns. We use only quality commercial grade Netafim products designed for desert regions of the world. When combined with our best practice installation methods we can produce a highly efficient watering system for your needs.

The benefits of subsurface irrigation in Townsville are obvious when you consider the evapotranspiration rate in our Tropical North Queensland environment. Having the water underground means no over spray or run off, no surface water lost to evaporation, efficient watering directly to the root zone and a reduced maintenance cost as nothing is visible even while running.

At Atomic we can tailor a drip system to suit Town water and Bore water. When combined with a Smart controller and soil sensors, we can make massive savings on your water budget for years to come. Consider drip irrigation on your next project.