Sensors & Meters

In Townsville it can be brilliant sunshine one minute and torrential rain the next. The addition of a weather sensor to you new or existing irrigation system can prevent your system from starting up when its raining or if there has been recent rain. We use wireless rain sensors so there is no messy wiring or conduit up to the roof.

An ET (evapotranspiration) sensor can dramatically improve your water budget when set up correctly. The Hunter Solar Sync uses temperature, solar radiation and rainfall sensors to adjust watering times daily. This sensor, when configured can decrease irrigation water usage by upto 30% over a year. It is perfect for schools, apartment complexes or for anyone who doesn’t need the hassle of changing water times throughout the year.

Knowing how moist the ground is in your landscaped area is one of the best ways to determine how much water you need to apply to the soil. A soil moisture probe will prevent overwatering of an area when installed correctly as it will sense the moisture content of the surrounding area and if it exceeds the set figure it will stop the watering cycle until the ground dries out

Water meters are great for letting you know how much water you have used. But with a flow sensor you can not only calculate water usage but find leaks and blockages in lines and sprays. On a large irrigation system it can be difficult to locate leaks. The Hunter flow sync can identify which zone the leak or blockage is on and repair it straight away.