Hints and Tips

Just Bought or Built a New House?

When you take possession of your new home, if you have installed an automatic irrigation system, make sure you check the irrigation cycles that have been programmed. In order to establish the lawns, the irrigation cycles may have been set to run more frequently than normally required and you may be using much more water than you realise.

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Water Efficiency

Use efficient watering systems such as low volume sprinklers for grass, spray or drip delivery systems for garden.
Make sure your irrigation system is adjusted for seasonal differences in water demand and that it is working properly.
Avoid watering when it is windy. Wind causes water to evaporate quickly and blows it to areas where it is not needed.
Install a rain sensor to switch off your controller when it is raining,

General Tips

A properly designed and installed irrigation system should be included as a water conservation tool. Automated irrigation systems offer the ultimate in both control and distribution of water over other watering systems.

Keep your sprinkler system in good repair. Fix leaks and adjust the sprinkler heads to eliminate over-spray onto paved areas or buildings. Investigate any source of unusual runoff or puddling.

Turn off your sprinkler system at the first sign of saturation or runoff to allow the water to soak in. Adjust timer to suit run off.

Remember in Townsville

  • Odd numbered houses can water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
  • Even numbered houses can water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Find out more on water use at the Townsville City Council Website.