Turf and Garden Irrigation

Townsville’s water restrictions can be tricky to navigate, but we can design and install a system that will work with even the harshest water restrictions. We provide a variety of options when it comes to irrigating your landscaped area. With Rural (green line) spray systems, full drip irrigation layouts or Metric (blue line) commercial grade systems.

For the budget conscious we can design and install a class 8 (800kpa) Rural grade irrigation system, with 1″ Rural poly, stainless steel pipe clips and quality Hunter controllers, valves and sprays. Atomic keep the cost down by using barbed fittings instead of the costly compression fittings. This system provides a high pressure robust system at a low density poly cost.

For those who want a system to be tough as nails we suggest going with our Commercial grade Metric irrigation systems. These comprise of blue line poly class 8 (800kpa) or 12.5 (1250kpa) with quality plasson or philmac compression fittings and commercial grade Hunter controllers, valves and sprays. These systems are built to last and are best suited to apartment complexes, shopping centres and acreage properties.

Atomic works in with developers and local government to construct large scale irrigation systems, sports fields and government assets. We have the skills and knowledge to install and maintain these large systems.